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Soda Blast Cleaning

Soda blasting cleaning uses sodium bicarbonate to clean a surface with molds. This is a meticulous process that should be done only by expert remediation companies like 911 Mold San Jose. Basically, 911 Mold San Jose has been around for quite some time but when it comes to expertise of removing molds that are fatal to everybody’s health, they are superior among others. Their services include;

• Mold Cleanup
• Mold Testing
• Black Mold Removal
• Mold Remediation

Why Choose 911 Mold San Jose?

Trained and Licensed Staff

One of the best assets of 911 Mold San Jose is their people who have received the necessary training and licenses for removing molds. These people are IICRC members who are well experienced in the business. They are capable of offering professional services 24/7, in order to ensure that your residence in San Jose is free from mold growth. No matter what time of the day, as long as you call 911 Mold San Josen, there will be some professional experts who will conduct the soda blast cleaning for your home.

Proper Equipments and Tools

911 Mold San Jose also invests in the best tools and equipments for mold removal. Molds are very harmful and an ordinary dust mask cannot handle the onset of its formation. With this, the company ensures that they utilize the best equipments to remove the molds completely and avoid it from growing again. Together with the best techniques and methods, 911 Mold San Jose can give an assurance to their customers that they can deliver a total removal of molds in any parts of your home.

Safest Cleanup Services

911 Mold San Jose has the safest cleanup services for molds. Molds can spread quickly and can impose danger to the household. If you neglect it for some time, it does not only put you at risk but it will also damage the properties you invested for so long. Hence, the specialist of 911 Mold San Jose will immediately remove even the last traces of molds. They have the most reasonable pricing for their services plus they work with several insurance vendors. You cannot find a trustworthy and reliable company in San Jose other than 911 Mold San Jose.

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