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Mold Testing and Inspection

Inspection and testing are two important keys in strategizing a plan for mold remediation. They are part of the assessment on how much damage your mold-affected belongings are having. It is also in that part where appropriate methods and equipments are chosen in order to make sure that molds are totally removed.

The 911 Mold San Jose Services is fully licensed and guaranteed that your home and belongs are assessed and inspected only by experienced and skilled professionals. Our services are offered to anyone having mold problems with the use of recent equipments and appropriate procedures in San Jose area.

Removing Mold

Mold is a part of nature but they can be a problem once they grow largely inside your home. A mold can sometimes be mistaken as a stain since it looks like one but is different in that it multiplies and hard to remove. Molds are difficult to get rid of even with the frequent cleaning and powerful detergents. In 911 Mold San Jose, we consider mold growth as a problem not to be taken nonchalantly. Hence, we believe that proper identification of mold growth and locations contribute to successful mold-free home environment.

That is why we at 9911 Mold San Jose give high importance to mold inspection and testing since it can elaborate the plan of remediation and restoration. We are committed that your mold problem is gone. Thus mold inspection and testing is part of our remediation service without accumulating other charges.

Trustworthy Mold Inspection and Testing Service

Are you searching for a mold remediation provider that is reliable enough? There are many companies offering mold remediation services and yet not all are licensed and qualified. If you are getting mold remediation services from unfamiliar or unlicensed service providers, then you are dangerously risking your home and your health.
911 Mold San Jose, California is fully qualified to offer its services as we are eligible and bonded. You are certain that our mold inspection is done by specialists and testing samples are submitted and examined by a reliable laboratory. Informing you with the status and problem is a proof that we care for you and your house possessions.
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