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Mold Removal San Jose

San Jose Mold Testing & Mold Removal services

911 San Jose mold removal services are here to help you get rid of mold. If your household or property is infected with black mold or any other type of mold, call us at (408) 351-3963 and we’ll come over to for full mold inspection and mold testing of black mold, and remove mildew if required. Our services are available 24/7 throughout San Jose and nearby areas.

Mold Remediation San Jose

Our mold remediation services are suitable for any property and area within your household or commercial structure. All you have to do to get rid of mold, is give us a call, while you sit back and relax, let us put an end to the mold damage thanks to our professional mold cleaning tools and services.

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Mold Testing & Mold Inspection San Jose

By doing a mold testing and mold inspection, we want to understand if the mold is toxic or non-toxic. In mold testing, we first check that the air quality is ideal, and the apartment doesn’t have to be evacuated. In mold inspection, with our exclusive instruments, we study visually all the sections in the residence to review the mold origin. The testing results are written in a review report, which includes all the details relevant, including photos of the mold infected areas. In the mean time, trial samples of the mold are transported to our laboratory test for inspecting and constructing a suitable strategy plan. At 911 Mold San Jose we conduct a no cost mold testing and mold inspection.

Black Mold Remediation

Black mold and mildew can sometimes be difficult to spot and go unnoticed. In order to identify mold keep your eyes open to: visible greenish or blackish spots on walls or floor tiles and bad odor. Another sign can be physical and health related symptoms of household members. Black mold lead to some noticeable symptoms such as coughing, skin rash, difficulty breathing, and irritation to eyes and lungs. Basement mold and bathroom mold can also be difficult to identify when grow underneath floor tiles and dry wall. This is why we offer mold inspection services as well as mold remediation.

911 Mold San Jose takes advantage of the most sophisticated black mold removal tools in order to get rid of mold and remove mildew and any type of mold and fungus. The process of mold treatment can be lengthy so it is important to begin right away. Do not try to remove mold by yourself, mold removal should only be left for professionals who wear protective suits and masks.

If you ever require mold remediation, mold removal or any type of mold and black mold cleaningf from any area in your house; don’t hesitate to call us at 24/7 (408) 351-3963 and ask for mold testing & inspection.

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