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Black Mold In Your Home

Many homeowners are unaware of this threat to their health since all that toxic black mold needs to grow and thrive within a home is moisture and darkness. You might not think that you have enough moisture to provide such conditions for black mold, but if you have a leaky pipe, condensation on the water tank in your bathroom, your home is humid in the summers, or you’ve experienced flooding, then you’re ripe for an attack of black mold. Here at 911 Mold San Jose, as professional black mold remediation experts we strongly encourage homeowners to have their homes professionally inspected and tested for black mold at the first sign of trouble.

Black Mold Inspections

So what does a black mold inspection consist of? Because black mold hides out of sight and often goes undetected for a long while, a good inspection will meticulously examine every room and area in your home. Professional mold remediation experts are trained to detect even the smallest sign of mold contamination. Using tools of the trade, such as moisture meters and fiber optics, professionals can detect conditions that you cannot. After an initial inspection, a professional mold remediation expert will then conduct tests in your home. These mold detection tests include: air tests, surface tests, bulk tests, and culture tests. These tests allow the professionals to tell you not only where your home is contaminated and how severe the contamination, but they can also diagnose the kind of mold growing within your home. With this information, the proper measures can be taken to eradicate the mold problem and restore your home to proper living conditions.

Choose 911 Mold San Jose For Your Mold Inspections

If you need a mold inspection in your home, make sure you are calling upon the best team for the job. Never settle for less than a team who has years of experience and has been certified by the industry leaders, the EPA, and holds the proper licenses and permits to work in your city. If you live in the San Jose area then 911 Mold San Jose is the company for you! We not only hold all the above-mentioned certifications, we are also available to you 24/7, we work quickly and professionally, and we exercise full transparency in our methods through the entire process. In addition, our honest pricing policy ensures that our prices are affordable! Keep your home safe for you and your family: get your home inspected by our team today!

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