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Reducing Mold Allergies

Mold isolates itself in certain areas where the temperature and atmosphere are just right. These conditions are generally dark and damp sections of a household, where mold can easily reproduce. Mold spores spread through outdoor winds and indoor air. You inhale mold spores, which in turn cause mold allergies. It’s important to get yourself tested for allergies by your local physician. The test will let you know if you have certain food reactions to mushrooms, vinegar and soy sauce, all of which can accumulate food fungi. Fungi in term can have a direct impact on your allergic reaction. Mold allergy can be found through common household items that might be affected by mold. A basement can be a nightmare place for anyone suffering from allergies in general. Mold growth is most prevalent in this type of atmosphere. Make sure you conduct a complete mold inspection and test in your basement after any water damage incident.

Mold allergy symptoms include; itching, sneezing, nasal discharge, scaling skin, and congestion. People suffering from mold allergy should take extra caution to avoid certain areas where mold might be found. Take the initiative to wear a protective dust mask if you plan on sweeping around the house, mowing your lawn, cleaning around bathroom tiles. scrubbing the basement walls, and moving boxes from the attic. All these aforementioned places contain perfect breeding environments for mold growth. You can also use a HEPA air filter to trap dust, dander, and debris from carpeting. Always make sure you contact a professional mold remediation specialist in the event of a water damage crisis.

A few preventative measures to take against mold growth is to repair any plumbing leaks, regularly empty trash bins and garbage bags, clean refrigerators thoroughly, recycle or throw away old books and magazines and to use an electric dehumidifier to remove moisture from the basement. There are medications commonly associated with mold allergy that a doctor can prescribe for you. Nasal spray and allergy pills are the most commonly used preventative medications to combat mold allergy. Make sure you consult your physician right away if you continue to experience any mold allergy symptoms.

911 Mold San Jose Destroys Mold 24/7

If you or your loved one’s are suffering from mold allergy, you simply need to contact 911 Mold San Jose for full cleanup and mold removal. We operate 24 hours a day and cover the entire San Jose territory. Mold allergy must be prevented at an early stage to avoid experiencing worse symptoms. Highly trained mold removal specialists at 911 Mold San Jose perform mold testing to determine the most effective method in killing the mold. You can expect a clean home with fresh air as soon as we finish the remediation process. Give us a call right away for more details.

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