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mold effects on children

If Mold is not treated over time, it can be toxic to the health and can compromise the children’s safety. Thus, necessary actions should be taken right away whenever some areas of the house are suspected to have mold growth. … Read more

Soda Blast Cleaning

Soda blasting cleaning uses sodium bicarbonate to clean a surface with molds. This is a meticulous process that should be done only by expert remediation companies like 911 Mold San Jose. Basically, 911 Mold San Jose has been around for … Read more

Mold Removal Protocol

It’s crucial to get a better perspective on how to defeat the harmful mold and the preventative measures you can take to keep a safe clean home. A good idea is to follow the mold removal protocol to reduce the … Read more

Black Mold Removal

Whereas regular mold can be easily removed or killed by untrained professionals, black mold could be toxic and should solely be handled by professionals. This means that should you discover regular mold somewhere in your home you can easily enough … Read more

Mold Allergy

Reducing Mold Allergies Mold isolates itself in certain areas where the temperature and atmosphere are just right. These conditions are generally dark and damp sections of a household, where mold can easily reproduce. Mold spores spread through outdoor winds and … Read more

How To Hire Professionals For Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is one of those housecleaning chores that most families overlook. Perhaps the general tendency is to attend to those items and parts of the house that are most visible and are “directly” used on a day-to-day basis. … Read more

How to Test for Mold

Safely Testing for Mold Testing for mold is vital. There are several tests for mold that include, air testing, surface testing, culture testing and bulk testing. Air tests take a sample of mold concentration within the enclosed air inside your … Read more

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Services Everyone understands there is certainly a distinction between the clean air inside the countryside and the smoggy, dirty air in the city. Whether in downtown LA or Times Square, Big Apple, the allergens and antigens which can … Read more

Crisis Water Damage Restoration

Each of us is acquainted with those hard thunder storms in which the weather reporter tells us to stock up because the flood is coming. It slowly but surely starts overnight, and by half way through the day, the Amazon … Read more

How Does Mold Grow

Everyone knows that sensation of walking into a place and realizing the cozy, damp, stale summer air just hanging above every thing. Those true muggy summer days when all that's necessary is an air conditioner, a large glass of soda … Read more

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